Saturday, April 30, 2011

borrowed photographs....

Just discovered my food obsessions after she wrote a nice review of Little Nest (baguette critique duly noted). Photographer Joey Armstrong takes such lovely photos and I had to share these. I am still a little self conscious about wandering around the cafe with a camera, yet I see things I want to share so often. I appreciate it when someone else does it for me. meanwhile I am working up the confidence to start snapping away.


  1. thanks mary! appreciate the note you left on my blog. i am still working on confidence, too. i tend to just stay in my seat, but i want the courage to take photos from different perspectives. especially at beautiful cafes like yours.

    p.s. i can still taste that french toast with the pineapple & lime curd. so delicious!

  2. Mary, I am hungry for Little Nest almost once a week! These pictures are filling me with love and lust all at once. I would love it if you opened a satellite location in the Arctic. Thank you for making the best food!!1

  3. With us all the way in TO, the least you can do is send me the recipe for your lemon poppyseed cake, no?!! AMAZING photos.